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Our Trainer, Dr. Richard Carleton, MBA, PhD., has one of the strongest Scenar backgrounds in North America. He has worked directly with Dr. Alexander Revenko, one of the original inventors of Scenar, for many years and is certified by Dr. Revenko and the International Scenar Academy in Moscow to instruct in Level I, Level II and Level III as well as Master classes.

Dr. Carleton has been a Scenar practitioner since 2001 and has been training since 2003. He has made numerous trips to Europe to work with Russian inventors and is well versed in and instructs in the Classic Russian Scenar principles. His classes are kept small to insure adequate hands on instruction. He has personally instructed hundreds of Scenar practitioners in North America and beyond and offers concise engaging practical instruction that is always well received.

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Team Revenko

Dr. A. Revenko establishes “Team Revenko” and coordinates Classical Russian Principals with Scenar Practitioners in North America